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Hardware Cloth And Screen Mesh

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We produce stainless steel wire mesh from first class stainless steel material in SUS/AISI 201 202 302 304 310 310S 316 316L 321430 etc.

Stainless steel mesh are classified in sorts:

1. stainless steel plain weave mesh.
2. Stainless steel twill weave mesh
3. Stainless steel bamboo pattern mesh.
4. Five comprehensive stainless steel mesh
5. Stainless steel perforated metal.
6. Stainless steel crimped wire mesh
7. Stainless steel chain link wire mesh.
8. Stainless steel expanded metal
9.Stainless steel welded wire mesh
10. Stainless steel hexagonal wire mesh
11. Stainless steel dutch wire mesh.
12. Stainless steel barbecue wire mesh
13. Stainless steel mine screen mesh
14. Stainless steel hexmetal mesh

Features: The surface is smooth and flat, non-rusting, alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, sanitary and environment-friendly.

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