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Aluminum Window Screen

Aluminum alloy window screening that is aluminum-magnesium alloy window scre-ening, with a variety of color, the weaving type is plain weaving, which offers uniform opening and firm structure. at room temperature does not fall off, high tem-perature 120°C does not fade, acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, good tough-ness, high strength, widely used in home decoration, anti-mosquito, architectural windows and doors, to accept signals. Can be customized according to customer requirements. This products can do a variety of color of the paint, plastic coated and other surface treatment.

Material: Aluminum alloy wire

Processing mode: Plain weave

Mesh/Inch: 14*14, 18*16, 18*14 mesh/inch

Wire Diameter: BWG31, BWG32, BWG33, BWG34

Width/Length: W: 0.6-1.8mm     L: 15-50m (as your requirement)

Color: Black, gray, silver or as your requirement

Advantage: Alkali-resisting, corrosion resisting, durable etc

Application: Widely used in window, door etc, Anti mosquito insect and rat.

Mesh Size (In mesh) Wire Diameter (In BWG) Width & Length
14 x 14mesh 31/32 Width: 0.5m-1.5mLength: 25m, 30m, 50mOther sizes can be made as request
16 x 14mesh 31/32
16 x 16mesh 31/32
18 x 16mesh 31/32
18 x 14mesh 31/32