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Storage Cage

Storage cage also known as warehouse cage; The steel wire is welded by strong steel wire, the bottom is reinforced by U-shaped welding, the strength is high, the loading capacity is large, the four layers can be stacked, the storage is realized by three-dimensional, folding structure, loading, turnover and storage is more convenient. The storage is regular, easy to be fixed, and the unit storage is easy to manage. Storage can be folded when not used, saving space; folding storage cage (warehouse cage) surface galvanized, beautiful and anti-oxygen.

Material Handling and Storage Containers (Square pipe welding structure)

1.Square pipe welding structure, compared with the general storage cage, greatly improves the structural strength, multi-layer stacking is safer, and the service life is longer.

2.Variety of styles, easy to use, suitable for inter-plant transportation, storage and in-plant turnover.

3.Can use pallet truck, forklift, lift, crane handling, stacking each other four layers high, can achieve three-dimensional storage.

4.With handing equipment, can be used in transportation, handling, storage and other logistics links

5.Clever open door design.

6.Surface zinc plating, sanitary immunity, turnover, storage and recover do not pollute the environment.

7.Can be used with forklift truck.

8.Save logistics cost.

9.Add-on wheel material handing, more convenient for manual transfer in the production process.