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Semi-automatic crimped wire weaving machine

Features and use:
This machine is a use of large diameter wire diameter cotton gin rolled into the required shape, all kinds of mechanical weaving square hole sieve special series of knitting machine, the product structure is compact, easy to operate, can be woven wire diameter 2mm -8mm, mesh 4mm-120mm, width of 1-2.2meters, knitting, machine products are widely used in mining for classification screen use (commonly known as mine screen mesh), mesh weaving machine is also known as mine


Automatic Crimped Wire Mesh Machine

Features and use:

This machine is my factory is designed to meet the market demand of a production model, introduced by shuttle taboo straight shaft, diameter wire pre-bent shape, crimped weft knitting synchronization is complete, the whole is simple, smooth operation, production of high efficiency. Woven silk suitable for small numbers, type network processing, can weave a variety of specifications crimped wire mesh (mesh width 1 m -2m), mesh size is 0.7mm-20mm, wire diameter 2.0mm- 0.4mm all kinds of crimped wire mesh products are widely used in coal, petroleum and chemical industry for screening filter.

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